Electronic cigarettes with your coffee

After smoking a pack a day for over 15 years I was finally able to break away with the help of an electronic cig. I was skeptical at first but found great benefits after just a few weeks. For me electronic cigarettes passed the coffee test so I gave them a shot.

The ecig coffee test
For years the thing I loved the most is having a cigarette with my coffee. For anyone who has smoked before would understand its one of the most addicting and best parts of smoking. I decided it was time to quit smoking for my health but didnt think electronic cigarettes would really help. So I bought an ecig and gave it the coffee test.

I just went out and bought a disposable electronic cig and started smoking it only in the mornings with my coffee. At first this was the only time I used the e cig and smoked the rest of the time.

At first it wasnt the same, the taste and smell just wernt the same and the experience was different. But after a week or so I noticed I enjoyed it more and more. I used to go outside and sit in the same spot everyday. One day I realized I could smoke the electronic cigarette anywhere like on my couch. I never smoked inside before because of the smell and smoke.

The difference is I changed my routine, I would turn on the morning news and have my coffee and puff on my electrnic cig. This great and I soon grew to love the new e cigarette routine, coffee and news.

Then I realized I started to use the e cig more and more. Since I no longer had to go outside for a smoke break I found it convenient to just oull out the e cig and get a smoke in. Watching movies or just doing stuff around the house. I saved a lot of time and money switching cover completly to an electronic cigarette.

The next step was cutting down, I actually noticed I started smoking less and less. Then I even ordered less nicotine cartridges and some different e cig flavors. I went from a regular smoker to using an e cig more like a hobby then an hourly addiction.

I was skeptical at first but after electronic cigarettes passed the coffee test I was on my way to quitting. With the help of an e cig I was able to cut back, find new routines and a healthier life style.

Tobacco Flavored Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer Refill Kit

Let’s be honest here.  If you currently are smoking an electronic cigarette and you are running low on your cartomizer, you really need to just buy a replacement cartomizer.  To me, it is really not worth the time and effort to buy nicotine liquors and then mix it with a tobacco flavor solution and pour it into your cartomizer to refill it up.

A replacement cartomizer will cost you – what? $2.00 on the high end if you buy a 5 pack.  If you smoke regularly, you are better off order a larger supply all at once and that will lower your cost per cartomizer.

Besides, refilling your cartomizer are a pain.  They tend to leak if you over do it.

Sure the kits help you but not much.  Do you really need a kit?  No.  Its not hard to do.  But again to me, it is just easier to buy the replacement cartomizer then to do it all yourself.


Three piece e cigs vs. Two piece ecigs

Three Piece or Two, just like KFC

We have discussed the basics of electronic cigarettes and how they work, so let me explain a few basic types.  You have three (3) piece and two (2) piece e cig kits and those represent the majority of brands and construction. Both consist of a battery, atomizer and nicotine filter but how they are put together can vary.

Three (3) piece style e cig

The three piece style separates the e cig into three separate parts.  The battery, atomizer and nicotine filter.  With the atomizer being a small piece that screws in the middle of the battery and nicotine filter. The advantage with the three piece is you usually get a better quality coil and they dont have to put it in the filter so the cost of re fill nicotine filters is cheaper for the customer.

Three (3) piece e cig

Here you can see the Tru Smoke three (3) piece e cig kit.


Two (2) piece style e cig

The two piece style is similar to the three piece electronic cig but usually combines the atomizer and nicotine filter into one piece. The advantage is atomizers usually burn out over time, this allows them to make cheaper coils and makes the atomizer and filter disposable.  You don’t have to worry about damaging or burning out the atomizer coil.

Blue two (2) piece e cig

Blue two (2) piece e cig example, notice the atomizer is built in

What are tobacco flavored e cigarettes

So tobacco flavored electronic cigarettes are pretty much the standard.  Second to them is menthol flavor. So regular cigarettes are just cigs why do they make tobaccos flavored e cigs?
Well if they didnt flavor them it would just taste like chemicals. Electronic cigarettes are vaporized liquid nicotine.  The battery heats up an electric coil which vaporizes the liquid nicotine in the cartridge.  To get all the different flavors they add flavoring to the liquid.  But it is a little odd to smoke something “nicotine” flavored. I cant say it taste kike the real thing but I cant say cigarettes really taste like tobacco anyway. I noticed coffee flavored and nicotine flavor taste about the same.  I imagine as time goes on the quality of the flavors will get better but for now they are just “fake” tasting.