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Tobacco Flavored Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer Refill Kit

Let’s be honest here.  If you currently are smoking an electronic cigarette and you are running low on your cartomizer, you really need to just buy a replacement cartomizer.  To me, it is really not worth the time and effort to buy nicotine liquors and then mix it with a tobacco flavor solution and pour it into your cartomizer to refill it up.

A replacement cartomizer will cost you – what? $2.00 on the high end if you buy a 5 pack.  If you smoke regularly, you are better off order a larger supply all at once and that will lower your cost per cartomizer.

Besides, refilling your cartomizer are a pain.  They tend to leak if you over do it.

Sure the kits help you but not much.  Do you really need a kit?  No.  Its not hard to do.  But again to me, it is just easier to buy the replacement cartomizer then to do it all yourself.


What are tobacco flavored e cigarettes

So tobacco flavored electronic cigarettes are pretty much the standard.  Second to them is menthol flavor. So regular cigarettes are just cigs why do they make tobaccos flavored e cigs?
Well if they didnt flavor them it would just taste like chemicals. Electronic cigarettes are vaporized liquid nicotine.  The battery heats up an electric coil which vaporizes the liquid nicotine in the cartridge.  To get all the different flavors they add flavoring to the liquid.  But it is a little odd to smoke something “nicotine” flavored. I cant say it taste kike the real thing but I cant say cigarettes really taste like tobacco anyway. I noticed coffee flavored and nicotine flavor taste about the same.  I imagine as time goes on the quality of the flavors will get better but for now they are just “fake” tasting.